• Indisputable scheme of direction with strict discipline for learning associates as well as Teachers & Administrative Staff.
  • Highly qualified and skilled Mentors. Each applicant for the post of teaching is selected through a meticulous process.
  • Learning associates are taught right from the basics.
  • Quick methods and logical approaches are taught from the exam point of view. These methods are developed by our team.
  • In-depth, significant and novel study materials and Test papers are designed as per the prescribed pattern and approved by an expert committee.
  • QUBE offers a conducive environment that is necessary for the learning associates.
  • Special tutorials are conducted frequently in order to clarify the doubts of the learning associates.

  • Free seminars and Personality Development Classes are organized to enrich the knowledge level of the poor performers.

  • Strategically located at the hub of the city for the convenience of learning associates & Parents.
  • Brilliant initiative like online tests, attendance reporting and test score reporting through SMS, email etc.
  • Accent Neutralisation & Vocabulary building classes.
  • Vacancy details, Exam related complete information.
  • Challan & Online Form Filling Facility.


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